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Sensory Winery and Art Gallery Re-invented

IMG_7981Sensory Winery and Art Gallery truly awakens your senses in its newly remodeled space.

Owner and visionary Kevin Daughrity is described as vibrant and ambitious – both characteristics shine through when you stop by Sensory. It is a sophisticated and comfortable spot, distinct from other local wineries. Not being from Chautauqua county, Kevin sure has brought the Chautauqua ideals to light. Expanding your mind and senses is what Sensory is all about.

The Chautauqua Institution has: self-improvement through lifelong learning at the heart of the impulse that motivated Americans who founded Chautauqua in 1874. Moreover, a tenet today is to promote excellence and creativity in the appreciation, performance and teaching of the arts. Boom. Sensory won.

Now don’t think of it as stuffy sophisticated, it’s more of a chic offering – possessing a Brooklyn, Topanga Canyon or Wabash Arts Corridor kind-of-vibe.

Outside-2The gallery features artists who are mod, like its graffiti covered building – there are typically four shows a year with an opening event to kick off and welcome each artist. As a guest you are asked to examine the textures, colors and exposed emotion of artists like Cecelia Ivy Price.

The wines are also the brain-child of Daughrity featuring limited editions of blends. Sensory will also offer traditional varietals, with a flair, this Spring. Experience the taste and inhale the bouquet of these special wines – you are sure to find a fav or two (the 2014 Jaunty is perfect for entertaining at home).

Avarice, a blended wine creation available at Sensory Winery & Art Gallery.

Avarice, a blended wine creation available at Sensory Winery & Art Gallery.

Another must for guests is the beer tasting and swilling – Sensory has tapped a new line of nefarious craft brews from 7 Sins Brewery. Lust, a cherry wheat will have you panting…and Wrath an IPA often considered meaner than an MMA fighter are just a couple of the 7 misdeeds. Each and every one is regrettable.OpenMicBeerPour-600x400

In addition to appreciating the art, wine and beer one can expect to engage in live vocals, jams, comedy, pundits and fare at Opens Mics hosted at Sensory.

Or if you are a doer, join the DIY trend manipulating your own hands to find your passion for painting, crafting, gardening and other fun stuff as we regularly offer these instructionals onsite. Trained artists, artisans and sustainable living experts walk guests through paint-and-sips, bonsai techniques, jewelry making and more.0271

Whether you want to participate and study or simply appreciate and devour, the enhanced Sensory invokes rich memories.


We are located along Route 20 in the town of Ripley, about a mile from the state line.


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