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Natural Art Exhibit Showing

A Natural World in Three Perspectives is on exhibit at Sensory Winery and Art Gallery. If you check a thesaurus you may find “artless” is a synonym for natural. I find this to be absurd and so do the three artists showing their works as there is is no denying the artistic beauty they have created using materials and scenes from our natural backyard.

John Ballard, Christine French and Carrie Tredo make up the talented trio displaying 3D driftwood assemblages, sculpture, artist enhanced prints, collage, mosaic beach glass panels and mixed media pieces.

Artist John Ballard, invented the term “reclaimed wood” using wood to create art for over 40 years. Ballard, from North East, has had his original work displayed at numerous galleries and shows in the region over the years. In addition to wood and driftwood, he works with weathered glass, rock and debris. He states these media are fascinating and “The unusual shapes, textures and patterns are combined to make unique assemblages of dimensional wall art. I find satisfaction in giving new life to discarded items.”  Here is one of his exquisite mixed natural materials piece that is at the show. To learn more about Ballard’s art, go to


Flow – Ballard

Christine French is a producing artist who uses all types of media, with a natural theme. Her work includes watercolors, encaustics (hot wax), baskets, collage, dichroic (translucent, decorative) glass, polymer clay (sculpting clay, like Play Doh), beach glass jewelry, sculpture and photography. These works can be found at many stores and galleries in the region. Chris is also a teacher who has taught at many places including the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Cleveland Institute of Art, the Erie Art Museum and Chautauqua. It is a privilege to see her amazing creations on display. Here is an example of Chris’ breathtaking watercolors that is in the show. To learn more about French go to her site

Spring Time in Grape Country by Christine French

Spring Time in Grape Country by Christine French

Carrie Anne Tredo of Westfield is a mom and a self-taught experimental artist. Tredo’s art is awakening, inspired primarily by the shores of Barcelona. She started as a jewelry designer and decided to become a full-fledged artist in mid-life. Her creations use organic found natural materials. Carrie states her life had become very ‘dismal and colorless’ so she took the chance to re-build her soul. She “created a new life in art and feel that somehow I have that in common with the trees. The ability to give life. To grow and thrive and flourish and become something beautiful.” Come see if you agree that she has created beauty out of nature – I know I am a believer.


3 Perspectives, Tredo

Meet these brilliant artists Friday, May 20 at 7 p.m. for the opening. Artist Carrie Tredo personally invites you, “The lovely Fergie Lutes will be hostess to even lovelier work from 3 talented artists. And I must add that the hors d’oeuvres are out of this world. The gallery has a newly renovated space and a brewery. A nice relaxed atmosphere. Great work great people. I have 3 tree spirits in the show.”

Also be sure to taste free samples of Sensory cult wines or 7 Sins Brewery craft beer and purchase a glass or pint and enjoy the evening to its fullest. If you cannot make Friday’s reception, the show will be displayed through Sunday, June 26, 2016.

Sensory Winery & Art Gallery, a relaxing space for you to enhance your senses.

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