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Meet Fergie, Sensory Winery & Art Gallery Manager

When you visit Sensory Winery & Art Gallery you will sense a blue-sky vibe and after speaking with Fergie, the manager, you will know why.

Fergie tells me her favorite part about working at Sensory is that there is “never a dull moment” – she and owner Kevin Daughrity are continuously working on a creative and amazing experience for customers of Sensory Winery & Art Gallery – rotating art, offering new wines, craft-brews, art and artisan gifts, hosting unique fundraising, DIY arts and Open Mic events, enhancing the indoor and outdoor space, to name a few.

“This summer we added a fire pit and extended Friday and Saturday night hours until 9:00 p.m., I can’t wait. We have also started pouring our line of 7 Sins Brewery craft beers, which have been incredibly popular.”

0480And when I asked her why she thinks people like Sensory, it is just that, because it is an evolving experience.

“I love the look on people’s faces when they walk in after not having been here for a few months. It’s always like walking into a different place. The only thing that doesn’t change is me. I’m almost always the face you see when you come in!”

It certainly shows that Fergie appreciates art and creativity as well as re-use when at Sensory. She has found herself and customers of the gallery to be drawn to “found objects” that are turned into art like jewelry and large statuary. Also, her personal time of weekend getaways and vacations always include art for her and her artist husband, Trent Lutes. Recently they stayed relatively close to home to check out the Andy Warhol exhibit at the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute in Utica, NY. The exhibit showcased some of his later works and a few of the large pieces that he and Jean Michel Basquiat collaborated on in the early 80’s.  “It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon.” They also found a “spectacular gallery” in Santa Fe, New Mexico called Manitou Gallery, featuring mostly Native American art in all media. 

Fergie reminds customers to check the Facebook page and Sensory website frequently for events because,

“We are adding new things all the time. This summer we are offering Pint Nights from 5 – 9 pm on Saturdays. We will feature one brew each week at half-price – only $2 for a pint of sinfully delicious craft-beer! It’s going to be such a fun summer!”

You’ve done it again, Sensory Winery & Art Gallery – with the addition of Fergie as manager, you have created an experience to reach all our senses – well done!

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