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Holism – Semi-sweet White Wine Blend

By May 6, 2017Wine

Holism, a semi-sweet white wine blend is released at Sensory Winery.

This new lot is a very pleasing semi-sweet white with a residual sugar of 3.5%. The small-lot blend pairs well with a cheese tray or light desserts.

As the name suggests, the fusion of the Seyval Blanc and Niagara grape varietals creates an incredibly delicious wine. The Seyval Blanc is often called the Chardonnay of the East because of its prevalence. We are proud to nurture this hybrid grape for the refreshing wines it makes. The Niagara has a higher Brix and a distinct fragrant grape flavor unique to the Lake Erie and Niagara Wine Country region as well.

Niagara on the vine

Niagara on the vine

The melding of the two native grapes is a perfect match!

Holism has a lightly sweet nose with prominent flavors of fresh apple and honey. It finishes light and crisp and is becoming a Sensory Winery favorite!

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