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Eclectic Selection by Cecelia Ivy Price

By March 18, 2016Art show

Looking at Cecelia Ivy Price’s work you will get the feeling she has experienced life as she expresses herself so boldly and beautifully, a sophisticated artist.

And her accolades are abundant too – yet, you will be surprised to learn Ms. Price is a budding talent, recently graduating from Fredonia State in 2015. Cecelia graduated with honors at Fredonia and won the Rosa Parks Memorial Scholarship awarding her the opportunity to study in Italy. While at Niagara County Community College she won the Excellence in Fine Arts Award and will be a featured artist in the Chautauqua-Lake Erie Art Trail in 2016.

Price will hang her show entitled, “Eclectic Selection” at Sensory Winery and Art Gallery March 20 – May 8. Price’s show includes her paintings, notable for their perfect finish, tactile nature, and mastery of the human form. Nudity is a subject she often turns to to express ideas related to vulnerability, social awkwardness, life and death, racism, shame, vanity, and personal loss. “My works are responses to my environment and everyday experiences, but I use them as a starting point to involve the viewer in a way that I hope is personal,” reflects Ms. Price.

Fergie, manager at Sensory Winery and Art Gallery, dug a little deeper to find out more about Cecelia. Cecelia tells Fergie she “started drawing at a a very young age but I think sometime in high school is when I realized I wanted to make a living out of doing what I loved”. When asked her favorite piece in this exhibit, she was conflicted between two and decided the “Venetian Mask in Florence by Augustino Dessi in oil paint on panel because it was amazing being in Italy and meeting the man who created the mask.”


Cecelia went on and gave us a little more as to the impetus and passion behind her work, “If I am allowed to have a second (favorite) then it would be my Coming to Confidence III because that series helped me deal with my body image issues and work though a lot of emotional baggage I’ve held onto for years – being teased for my weight, hair and other features.”


When asked about her biggest influence Cecelia gave several artists. As a youth, Brom was her favorite and she states, “His gothic style of work and ability to make a living off it gave me hope that one day I would be successful.” Next, Price tells us she discovered the baroque style of Roberto Ferri and “fell in love with his nude figures”. As far as mentors, Cecelia notes Barbara Buckman & Philip Burke have been the most influential. Buckman is an artist in the Buffalo/Niagara region and a professor of fine arts at Niagara County Community College. Burke is also from Buffalo and a renowned illustrator noted for his exaggerated portraits of musicians and politicians – his caricatures have been featured in Rolling Stone, Vogue, GQ, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, to name a few.

To see more of Cecelia’s work, you can find her on the Chautauqua Art Trail in May and August at her studio in the Gate House at Fredonia’s Forest Hill Cemetery. There will be another chance to see her at the Women Create Show Saturday, April 16 – Wednesday, May 11, 2016 at the Dykeman-Young, Inc. Gallery & Vintage Emporium. Cecelia will be back at Sensory June 26 – August 14 for the North Shore Arts Alliance Show, along with a handful of smaller shows throughout the year.

Cecelia Ivy Price in her studio, photo by Gabriele Cavallaro

Cecelia Ivy Price in her studio, photo by Gabriele Cavallaro

Find all her work at Weebly or on Facebook.

Sensory Winery and Art Gallery will host an opening for Cecelia Ivy Price, Friday, April 1. Guests may meet Ms. Price from 7 to 9 p.m.

Sensory Winery and Art Gallery is a space to tap into your senses. Experience the taste and bouquet of our wines, sounds of music to your ear and view the textures and colors of the current art show, all of which will invoke emotions to remember. We are the graffiti art painted building along Route 20 in the town of Ripley, about a mile from the state line.

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