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Casey Brink Art Show

By March 4, 2016April 11th, 2016Art

Our own Fergie sat down with Casey to get to know him better.

Fergie: When did you first know that you wanted to be an artist?

Casey: I knew I was an artist since childhood. I remember my first easel and supply cupboard. I used to draw the same Tyrannosaurus Rex all the time. Then it was coloring contests and art classes.

Fergie: In what media do you like to work?

Casey: My favorite medium is oil paint. I also use oil as the base in my mixed media pieces. However, I do like to get down with pencil and charcoal.

Casey goes on to talk about his influences and what seems to be most insightful – his inspiration.

Casey: At the University level Artist Joseph Piccillo really schooled me to the [art as a business] game and how to work sales. He has been my biggest influence thus far. Piccillo supports singing your own song, making your own art, and was a catalyst in as we like to call it, ‘kicking out the jams’ [in other words] producing works all the time. His story keeps me dedicated to my production and sharp about my business.

Other influences with my work are the light and darkness each one of us has within, the human condition. I draw upon spirituality as well as Pop Culture.

The other thing really is love, the love I’m sharing at the time, reflects in my work. I express emotion and like to evoke emotion from my audience. I like the energy.
Casey Brink
Casey Brink

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